We Are Now Preparing Our Own Self Produced Media Produced In high Quality and In a Scalable Platform, Developed Bottom Up

The opening border project - A self produced media in liquid union channels project

Why? Because the future of journalism is, in fact, intertwined with how people participate in society.
We are now preparing our own self produced media (of conclusions, interpretations, reports and expressions) produced in high quality and in a scalable platform, developed bottom up in authentic and fair way, while getting together with many different groups, delivering and receiving the messages of migrants in all Europe.

Who, How and Where?

  • The qualified production and networking is used by and for the people in the ground.
  • The production is made by liquid union channels, of which portion in their union's finance is determined by periodical (monthly) vote of the union's members.
  • The union finance is made of membership fee, donation, tax payer projects and/or advertisements.
  • Some local liquid unions are board members in other, more general, parent liquid union.
  • The members voting is manual and/or electronic e.g. by iiaom http://comcomist.github.io/privateq
  • The liquid union channel, for to be recognized by its voters put its logo in its releases, e.g. in social media and for to be appreciated by the other members, put the logo of groups of the voting members only with their permission it in its site.
  • In the room, sometime with some translators, students, empowered youth and liquid unions members are learning by training the editing service with some paid professionals.

Here is a scenario:

  • In Greece: Three people are talking, of which one is the platform's correspondent recording the other two with their permission, then encrypt and upload the data to the platform and then send its link, specifications and key, to one or more trusted channels in the platform.
  • In Berlin: Such channel, renting services in one editor room, edit the material and produce it, as it is specified by the correspondent, as a clear and affective statement for the people and in the language specified and then spread it to press release, social media mailing list as it is specified.

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