Hello, here are the updates. We are in organization phase to form liquid unions in Europe, Israel and more. These unions are to be opened as ngo, cooperative, public-benefit-corporations or as a project in one of those. We are looking for cooperation with you to create channels in group purchasing organization projects. We also call on artists from different target groups who wish to use their art to improve the social order, simply because the structure of liquid union allow different populations to maintain their identity while joining into a bigger group.

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What does the participant get out of it?
  • The participant has a membership card and when s/he comes to a certain channel s/he is entitled and additionally can often replace or establish the channel running her/his budget.
  • The participants have the power of decision over the organization of the channels and the projects by the union.
  • In this way, participants, even without losing their identities, can join a socio-economic power having the critical mass that can dictate their conditions.

What goes out of the channel?

  • Flexibility in surviving against the retail giants by:
    • Small business organization that shortens the chain to the consumer from the farmer / importer / manufacturer / producer/ creative class
    • Acting in a broader and more diverse branding
    • Extensive clients base but which is subject to their satisfaction
    • Logistics, such as managements for accessibility and storage of diver product for divers population .
  • And all that, while branding being credibility to consumer and preventing corruptible positions

* (10/08/17) A 2 years old ngo (e.V.) registered in Berlin agreed to be transform to become a liquid union.
* When this list would reach 500 to 1000 participants, the participants would decide on the personal, principals and projects of this or others ngo.
* We are now 35 and we expect each participant to bring other 3, 4 or 5.
* Liquid union can create a network that will reward its players for lowering the price gap graph showing the price vs the buyers.
* 8/2/18 The liquid unions projects wave is now starting up with one ngo - the Break Isolation e.V. in Berlin.

A Just Peace and freedom.

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