The Opening Borders Refugees internet Tv station In @Oplatz At Oranienplatz

This initiative of liquid union is dedicated for creating the internet internet Tv station having the address Oranienplatz Berlin and it is an @oplatz project. To realize it and/or your entry-point/contribution in it, please contact us.

  • The population of the liquid union is refugees in Europe.
  • The channels are to be spread all over Europe
  • The groups are of migrants in Europe
  • The languages, cultures and contents are diverse to serve well and authentically the groups.

The "dream" is having editing rooms getting encrypted or webrtc materiel and prepossessing it to feet the specific media, while the room are channels in liquid union and as such are financed proportionally to number of people in the groups assigning to it periodically, where the groups are of migrants in europ!

The members of the co-working group realizing that dream is by signing on the comcomized agreement as the license is humanitarian one, such as the humanitarian agpl

We need 8k to get internet tv station for refugees in eu, how to make it as fast we could , while public opinion is still supportive?

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