The Opening Borders Projects - well produced Media of the people with integration between, never of, them

Welcome and join us in the Creation of The New Generation of bottom up well produced and young Journalism, by those who write not only read the internet, in the opening borders projects in liquid union channels.

Name: The Opening-Borders by self produced media in liquid channels for migrants in Europe. This Is For creators and costumers who are seeking for alternative authentic media production and are tired from existing media, which only projects its own reality. consulting.pdf +@oplatz+

Concept: The goal of the Liquid union legal platform is true representation, while integrating between (as opposed to integrating the) different groups of migrants in Europe, with high freedom for responsivity of their individuals, where the its first project is self produced media in low costs with maximum participation and social effect.

Civil journalism made by the youth - learning the secretes of editor rooms by starting writing, not only reading, the meadia of the 21th century and creating productions of effective bottum up messages to specific groups.

  • Civil journalism is considered by many basic knowledge for the 21st century. Just like Gutenberg's moveable type changed society forever and marked literacy as a basic ability, so did the Internet and smartphone, combined with social networks, marked personal reporting as something every citizen should be able to accomplish without much effort. The personal point of view, combined with the ability to be at the right place at the right time, has turned civil reporters into an important part of our understanding of reality through media.
  • The world is looking up to Europe for real information regarding refugee crisis. A privately owned, refugee run, online TV station could be very useful.
  • This proposal is aiming to provide the first model, which could be implemented in many cities across Europe, to form a TV network, broadcasting 24/7 and providing the full picture of refugee reality.
  • Our aim is to build a TV studio and field reporting capabilities, to have live field coverage of events and studio interviews.
  • Broadcast is done over YouTube Live and distribution is done via website/newsletter and social media channels.

Liquid union is a legal body of which article restrict its goal to be authentic representation of specific population, by supplying needs, defined as projects, of this population, via (contracting with) channels being periodically financed proportionally to the number of people in the groups selecting one of those channels. Each such liquid-union is made of 1 (or 2 sister associations, finance, being care taking over projects and logistic being care taking over channels) providing people's needs, where

  • Some channels per each such project provide some needs of people to their groups,
  • Each project, defined as specific such need, is connected to the channels by bank account, while periodically (monthly) distributes its resources to the channels proportionally to the amount of the people in the groups being assigned to the channels and
    • At least one group is for people having no group , one channel is for groups not satisfied from existing channels and one project is still to be realized.
  • Its board is propositional when its members are propositional and is qualified only when its power is limited for empowering the groups and their individuals and only when its members having a personal experience as one of the represented population.

The structuring: for scaling up such unions, while assuming limited board of say 7 members, here is a general mapping of the board members,
1 unknown, 3 specialists and 3 private people, simple unions or liquid ones (of which voting is proportional to the population they are taking care of),

  • where each member in such board is a child of the union of the board, the parent is made for more generalized services for more diverse population and the population in the leaves of this tree is unique and
  • where individuals or groups from such populations can easily move between such leaves unions in such tree.

‎The Tax reducible purpose for the opening border projects in liquid union channels can be (Abgabenordnung § 52) charitable purposes No.13 promoting international attitude, tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding.

Self produced media project: Media as expressions, information, interpretations and conclusions produced in non perfect and non projective but productive liquid unions channels . It can be financed by donations, membership fee and/or advertisement keyword in the metadata sent. It is made for those who believe that the mainstream media, as it is held by interest groups, can only project but not produce relevant information, where the data is deleted after being processed:

  • correspondents capturing data and then, while securing their sources such as with privateq,
    • 1. encrypting while compressing (7z) and sending it to temporal storage (dropcanvas dropbox ) and then
    • 2. sending its key, link and metadata encrypted with public key of/to liquid union channels of which
  • editors editing it ( on studio/station: being a rent-able editors room (in suitcase) ), rendering (rentrender frameserving online video editing) it and distribution on social and other media (in delay of 1/2 hour, or so, for reducing real time vulnerability issues and higher quality material,
    • eg: internet radio in speakers on the fields or other social friendly distributes.

The budget : the main idea is of building small operative units while learning by doing as opposed to one big ideal example.

  • Liquid union: registration, authentication and periodical voting with linked bank accounts for automatic money distribution. including site and wp plugin released in humanitarian agpl license.
    • This is an infrastructure issue which is to be done in one time payment, it might be out sourcing or not depended on the budget and other issues and it also include iiaom for private identification signed by trustees.
  • Editors station: station being a rent-able editors room (some of if its elements are packed able in a suitcase). Here are some attached Proposals:
    • Tailor Station Budget : The minimum budget required for 1 computer + 1 camera and the most basic services to allow beginning of broadcasts for the first 2 months is around 10,000 EU (my services included, studio expenses not included and I recommend allocating a budget of 20,000 EU for the first year without salaries).
contact us for
fields workshop for
education in schools, learning producing media
culture in youth clubs, empowering more just facebooking
art ….
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