A minimal open platform of page per role (so that the page ownership solves accountability and conditions for visibility) of the roles specified here,

  • where the pages are in relations defined by the pages' tags
    • (used as pointer to the related pages and) being equivalent to the related pages' title and url,
  • where the relations of poject0, channel0 or group0 are 1 directional to them and all the other are mutually related (ANDed) ,
  • where each page has (additonally to the tags also) some fields (like: title, link, in, has),
  • where the payment is in the platform (to specific project) and directly out (from the project to the channels),
    • while bayling fincnace and logitic in adition to the chanles and the project
  • where projects are added by finance
  • where channels or individuals or groups are added by logistic and
  • where the ratio of individuals (identified by iiaom?) in channels per each project is instantly concluded, to resolve the exact distribution of payment from the porject to the channels.

required: a payment method in which projects are the products ( miniman: django-cms? or more: https://github.com/tendenci/tendenci + http://tendenci.com/features/ ?) with a python class around

 RolePagesLinkage = {} 
 # Declares the dict RolePagesLinkage[Id]=[Owner,[With],[To],[From]],
 #  to be used where each page can be modified only by its owner having max one page per role, 
 #  for mapping complex roles presentations, when the specific rules for 
 #      what role is to be linked from, to, with, or to accessed by, is externally defined. where 
 # Id      = PageNr + (Role<<xbit), 
 #      as 0<Role<256=2**(32-24) and 0<PageNr<2**24==16777216, when, as default, 0<xbit =24<32  
 #      and PageNr is the page number or a foreigner key or pointer to RelativeUrl used to land in the page;  
 # Owner   = id of its owner having all her/his pages by roles,
 #            to be checked before modification by owner or access of relative to/from/with the owner; 
 # [With]  = array of ID of the pages linked to and linked from this page;
 # [To]    = array of ID of the pages linked to this page but not linked from it; 
 # [From]  = array of ID of the pages linked from this page but not linked to it;

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