Origin Language Jobs (OLJ)

It is more more efficient to allow origin language jobs, specifically for reaching for the best of the people's skills, while the people are grouped by their languages and hence the translation efforts are minimized to be only between (and not in) those groups.

Such jobs are made for migrants and are not being taken from the workers of destination economy (defined by specific language such as the German), in field such as of innovation, tourism, hospitality or use of the internet, by local or even foreign organisations (such as comcomist ltd).

This can reduce the enormous education efforts, which could even be reducing the skills of the people, when trying to unify them (integrating them into some predefined group) without integrating between them (while isolating them out of any independence or jobs), which can cost in devastation of diversity in the economy and of orientation, by building contexts of emotions, of the integrated people.
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