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  type: static
  value: Use the title as the name of this group.
  type: text
  hint: Your liquid unoins user number on http://liquid-unions.wikidot.com/i .
  width: 80
  type: url
  hint: url to the group's symbol (an image). It should be registered as a trademark belonging to the group.
  width: 80
  type: wiki
  width: 80
  height: 3
  hint: About your group, including its needs asked to be supplied by the channels you are tagging. you can use here a wikidot format http://www.wikidot.com/doc:quick-reference
  type: text
  width: 20
  hint: number of approved
  type: text
  width: 20
  hint: number of regected
  type: wiki
  height: 3
  width: 8
  type: static
  value: This appears left and Corresponding to the table of subscribers .  Fill it as a line separated values  between || ||, either with an approved (V) symbol , or with rejected (X) one. On approving you should let the member know about it - connect and greet the one. You can add to the symbol some text for explaining why.

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