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Liquid union is a union, of which purpose is serving a specific population in authentic manner, as its participants are choosing one of the existing or new channels in each of its projects, where

  • each project distributes its budget/resources to its channels proportionally to periodical vote of the participants being people from the population for which the project is to supply some of their needs,
  • the union provides its participants with its resources, services and/or products, only via more than one channel per project,
  • member of the union must also be its participant and any of its participants can voluntarily become its member after completing the obligations of a member, where
    • members’ vote can only be after all participants are notified fairly in advance (default minimum 2 months) and only for dissolving the liquid union/projects or for starting impeachment process against its elected committees,
    • only participants can be elected to such committee and only for maximum time (default 8 cadence of 1/4 year) and
    • at least these 3 committees are elected by the participant for functioning in each union or its project:
      • Board - implementing the decisions made by the participants votes,
      • Reporting - any participant can notify, as the objective of the reporting committee is to report, to all participants, about any possible improvement in the Board implementations,
      • Experts - any participant can suggest subjects to vote upon but Experts committee can help to finalize suggestions for the participants vote.

הגדרת האיגוד הנזיל

Liquid agency is a liquid union with the exception of, per each project, in the union each participant may only be in one channel, whereas, in the agency, participant may be in any number of channels accepting that participant, where

  • the resources of the agency are, or include, connections, information-about and/or opportunities-for fulfilling tasks/services by its participants,
  • participants of the agency are its makers available for delivering some parts of the tasks for some return, while being organized in their channels, being known to the payers as teams of specific project of the agency.

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