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Liquid union is a union, of which purpose is serving a specific population in authentic manner, as its participants are choosing one of the existing or new channels in each of its projects, where

  • each project distributes its budget/resources to its channels proportionally to periodical vote of the participants being people from the population for which the project is to supply some of their needs,
  • the union provides its participants with its resources, services and/or products, only via more than one channel per project,
  • member of the union must also be its participant and any of its participants can voluntarily become its member, where
    • members’ vote can only be after all participants are notified fairly in advance (default minimum 2 months) and only for dissolving the liquid union/projects or for starting impeachment process against its elected committees,
    • only participants can be elected to such committee and only for maximum time (default 8 cadence of 1/4 year) and
    • at least these 3 committees are elected by the participant for functioning in each union or its project:
      • Board - implementing the decisions made by the participants votes,
      • Reporting - any participant can notify, as the objective of the reporting committee is to report, to all participants, about any possible improvement in the Board implementations,
      • Experts - any participant can suggest subjects to vote upon but Experts committee can help to finalize suggestions for the participants vote.

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