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Liquid union is a union which cares for people gathered in groups, which are regularly (monthly) voting for one of several providers, which are financed proportionally to the people's vote:

  • Use it for solving the lack of mutual integration between communities instead of assimilation of those communities.
  • It is urgent to be implemented because terrorism is only a phenomenon of another aggression, the one made in assimilation of communities and because terrorism can and must be solved, not only be constantly fought.

The structuring:The liquid aspect of the union is enforced in all its articles, including constitution, by specifying the duties of and between the layers of governance (chain of obligations): A) the board being obliged to B) the members being obliged to C) the voting population, such that the population become the top most legal layer of authority above the members which are above the board.
The Minimum :

  • 7 members, of which 3 in board are responsible to realize the union's projects, but only under the restrictions of the constitution.
  • Board obligations:
    • 1. first years, every year, reports to tax authority
    • 2. member meeting, where all members are invited, at least once a year.
  • How to make the meeting, what should or should not be in the meeting in the chain of obligations.

For allowing scalable structuring of liquid unions, while each such union is defined by its specific population (when providing authentic representation for that population), here is a general mapping of the board members: odd number (1) of representatives of the population, n (3) specialists and and n (3) people or child liquid unions, where

  • services of the parent are more generalized and for more diverse population
  • the population in the leaves of this tree is unique and
  • individuals or groups from such populations can easily move between such leaves unions in such tree.

The market is of services which had, should or could become privatized, for community members, migrants or citizens, in communities, being integrated between (not into) each other, seeking more transparency and fairness - an increasing trend also in the years to come. Such services as of radio/tv, housing, healthcare, education, market chain, loans and banking etc.

Funding, which can be made by donations, membership fee and/or income specific to project, (such as advertisement keyword in the metadata sent in the opening borders projects) :

  • when applying for assistance from foundations of democratic, social, of the common and/or political education, it is useful to assume that such education can only be achieved by the practices and participations influencing the experience and living of each learning individual and hence, even beyond the specific learning issues such as of the media in the opening borders projects, the practice in participation in liquid unions adds such education to each such individual.


  • erez elul collaborating in comcomist-ltd: As a consultant my goal is connecting and structuring for gaining better representation with partners willing to sign the common company agreement . My personal narrative: after being more than 3 years active with the refugee movement and being approached by via-in-berlin to establish a refugee union, i invented the liquid union for better representation and integration between different groups and individuals. First step: liquid union of which population is migrants or refugees in Europe, where one of its projects is self made media in liquid union channels.
    • Partnership: cross national comcomized partnership
    • Goal: to create consult and connect between liquid unions
    • Risk: sharing the market while providing the same service is not considered a risk, as the goal is of we initiating this market while seeking to get into partnership also with the opponents.
    • Roreseeing value: 1st 5 years all income is reinvested for creating the market, then only n% or less of income for (n+1)*5 years is not reinvested.

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