liquid-unions are organizations made for better representation and integration between different groups and individuals.

Liquid union defined here is an organization of the people being its participants, which, per project supplying their specific need, are periodically voting for their supplying channel, as the channels are financed proportionally to the participants' vote.

  • It is made to harmonize, decentralize and empower its participants while reflecting their will (not only choice from limited choices given by some power/elite), such that, the power over the money flow is back under the control of the participants (and not of their representative and bureaucrats), while the participants can move between the channels without losing their union privileges, while split and gathered groups can still maintain their critical mass to achieve their needs and while each group wins its proportional part but never a "Winner Takes All".
    • This type of organization provides a scalable platform, which can be developed bottom up in authentic and fair way, while creating the critical mass which is so necessary for achieving the needs of the participants.
  • Channel or project in one liquid union can be another liquid union and with participants' personal (prepaid) id card of the union being a non profit organization (with tax deductions), its resources can be:
    • donation, for any contribution to actually reach the needy ones and not the middleman
    • members fee and/or
    • its channels' support, while the channels per project can be made in any these 4 fields:
      • shops in consumption,
      • lines in transportation,
      • channels in media/education and
      • law-firms/hostels/social-real-estate in accommodation.
  • Initiation phase by #Artists4SocialImprovement: Artists For Social Improvement, would you let your audience to tell their experience-of, or desire-for, being equal-in group or moving between groups before signing to their liquid union?
    • if so, would you also let the half of the return from such artistic events be given as a donation for assisting in establishing the liquid union and its comcom registration for its participants until having its professional being hired as its officials?
  • #StopEuroPain, we are now focusing on self produced media in liquid union channels of in migrants and non-nationalists. This self produced media (of conclusions, interpretations, reports and expressions) produced in high quality delivering and receiving the messages of migrants and non-nationalists in all Europe:
    • When the members of this list find their partners to agree with on the terms specified here, they can have their liquid union consultancy an open common company of which d is changeable, as newcomer is invited by 2 members. Examples: comcomist ltd.
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